Envelopes To Be Merry About

The holidays are fast approaching. Are you ready to find envelopes to be merry about? Christmas or Hanukkah is a great time for direct mail solicitations, an opportunity to encourage purchases with special sales, solicit donations and more! Special envelopes are a great way to help your mail pieces stand out.

Envelopes For Christmas or Hanukkah mailings:

  • Color – The use of color in direct mail is very important. The right colors can increase your response rates. Why is color so important? It is a powerful communication tool since color evokes feeling within us and ignites emotion. In direct mail we want to use the right set of colors to drive response.

Best colors for Christmas or Hanukkah are:

  • Gold: This color is synonymous with generosity and compassion, as well as divinity and power.
  • Silver: This power color invokes wealth, modernity, glamour, grace and elegance.
  • Red: When you choose to use this color you are conveying messages that are exciting, passionate, dangerous, energetic or action oriented.
  • Green: This is the nature color so it gives off feelings such as growth, generosity, fertility and health.
  • White: You may think of white as a non color, but it invokes emotions such as innocence, goodness, humility and cleanliness.
  • Blue:  This color invokes feelings of harmony, peace, stability, calm and trust.
  • Purple: This royal color makes us feel power, nobility, luxury, spirituality and wisdom.
  • Grey: This less commonly used color represents neutrality and balance.

There are a few things to note in selecting colors for direct mail campaigns. First colors can be perceived differently, some people are color blind. Second the meanings listed above may vary from person to person based on their own experiences. However, the vast majority of people see the meanings listed above when they look at the colors.

Want Holiday Sparkle?

  • Metallic – Envelopes with finely flaked metal to give the effect of a metallic surface are a great way to stand out. The shine gives the envelopes a look of importance. There are many colors to choose from.

To give a white envelope sparkle, consider using Virtual Pearl. Consider using eye popping Electric Blue. Go red with Magma. There are many selections in metallic that will get your holiday appeals sparkling. Stand out in the mail box and get your envelopes opened with beautiful colors that sparkle this holiday season!

As you can see, there are many envelopes to be merry about. Create beautiful and successful direct mail campaigns with the tips above.  Check out all your options now. Need more ideas to help your customers? We are here for you! Contact us today at (800) 752-5003.