Special Window Envelope Announcement

JRC offers an extensive range of envelopes. We are excited to announce our newest capability in envelope manufacturing! Large envelopes with windows! We can now provide you with high quality large booklet and catalog window envelopes. This adds to our already robust capabilities.

By using a window envelope, you can create an eye-catching design only limited by the small area of the window. This will help your customers stand out. Large and unique direct mail pieces catch the attention of prospects and customers. Taking the time to design unique envelopes instead of boring ones can make the difference between an envelope that gets opened versus one that is thrown in the trash.

Cost Savings

Want to help your customers save money on printing? Use color paper and then print in black. There are so many colors to choose from, and when you use a window envelope, you can pick any color you want. Postal color regulations do not come into play when the address is shown through the window. Think red or black or any color you want. We can help you convert them into the size you need.

Paper Choices

Don’t forget that it is not just the design and colors of your envelopes, but also the paper stock used that can drive a higher response rate. You have a huge range to choose from. Such as linen, pearlescent, vellum, cotton and more! Select the stock that best highlights your brand and your message.


Now that you are thinking creatively, you may also want to consider using coatings on your envelopes. For instance, soft touch is very popular and will make your envelopes feel like velvet. With window envelopes you can use any coatings you want because you don’t need to inkjet them.

No matter how you choose to make your envelopes stand out, we are here to convert them for you. Commercial printers need a partner to provide high quality, fast envelopes in order to meet mail deadlines. We are that partner for you! Contact us today [email protected]!